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Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Coeur D'Alene Hike

Yes, we just saw them a few days ago, but when you live this close - you can see each other all the time!!!  So on their days off of work this week, Becky and Brayden came up to Spokane to spend a few days with us!  

Becky packed Erica the WHOLE way...  both in and out!!! 
Whohoo!! Nice job Becky, that's quite the load! 

Carried by Angels

There is no doubt about it...this tire is completely we drove from our house in Liberty Lake to Airway heights is a miracle.  We had left a little late for swimming lessons - so we were in a rush and didn't have time to check the tires when the light flashed on as soon as we started driving.  Laura assumed that the air was a little low because the morning temperature was a bit cooler than it had been - and the low tire pressure light usually came on with the change of weather.  So Laura didn't think too much of it...her only thought was... lets get to swimming lessons and then I'll put a little air into the tire.   The drive on I90 went pretty abnormal sounds, went normal speed, nothing that brought concern.  Well, as we exited the freeway in Airway Heights, Laura knew something wasn't right.  There was a funny noise....and when we continued to slow down the noise got worse.  Luckily we made it to Les Schwab where a man came running out to meet us.  I think he either saw or heard us coming.  His words, "wow...that's a flat"  you're lucky you made it here.  Yep, 5 kids and a flat tire is never fun, but Les Schwab was amazing and took really good care of us - popcorn, fixed tire, and a great price tag... FREE!!!  Sure, we missed swimming lessons, and had to run a few extra errands (get a new tire at discount tires...these were practically brand new tires!), but we are safe, not stranded, and got where we needed to the right people who were able to help us and fix the flat.  Whew!  What a day.  Thank you angels on the other side of the veil who literally carried my car for me today.  Your deeds did not go un noticed...we said many prayers of gratitude today for miracles that keep us safe.

Maiden Voyage

Brayden and Becky never used the green canoe - it was just taking up space in their when we came down they offered the canoe to us.  Brayden was nice enough to help us take it out for a test run on the river.  She stayed afloat - always a good trait with a boat!  So we decided to keep her!  Now for a name...we discussed, brain stormed, and still haven't got a name nailed down yet...but we have some good possibilities in the bean, green giant, THE green bullet, hopefully by next summer we will have her named and then she will be officially part of the family!

During our trip to Tri-Cities, Preston opened one of Max and Dane's toys that had candy inside and Erica ate it. So as soon as we got home, Preston went to Hobby lobby, bought them new lollipops and made this card...(Max and Dang...gotta love what kids think things are!)  It worked out nicely because we were in Tri-Cities for the weekend, but Becky had a few days off mid week - so they came up to Spokane for a few days to hang out, so Preston was able to give the card to them when they came up!   I love living so close to family!!!  Have I mentioned that yet??  SO MUCH FUN!!!

A Small Fortune

Becky's friends were nice enough to let us come and swim in their pool AND invite us in to meet the newest members of their family.  These cats were adorable and cuddly and wicked expensive!!!  I want to say $800 each?? careful holding that small fortune!  MEow!

Just down the Road

Becky and Brayden live in Tri-Cities and Tri-Cities is just 2 hours down the road from Liberty Lake!  This is the closest we have ever lived!!!  Can you hear the giddiness??  Oh we are super excited....the possibilities are endless...weekends, holidays, just coming down for the day, girls nights, I was "just thinking about you" moments, popping in to say hello...I mean - 2 1/2 hours...really?  That's nothing!  Oh yeah baby...this is the start of a very good thing!!  This was the first of many many fun trips ahead!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Freely Cool

It got really hot here during those last few weeks of summer and since we live pretty far from a pool - we decided to take matters into our own hands!!!  Strip down to bare buns (don't worry...Erica is the only one with cute enough buns anymore to do this!! The rest of us were fully clothed!) and get cool right in the convenience of our backyard!   It's a sand table, it's a water table, it's a race track, its a splash zone, its a personal cooling pool for Erica! It doesn't hold that much water, but it held enough...we all got nice and wet and cool!  Soon all  the kids were out there playing and splashing around.  Preston even figured out that if you stick the hose up the base support, it creates a water fountain out the center! These kids could play out here for hours and they did!


While the other younger kids participated in swimming lessons, CJ took a woodshop class!  CJ made a custom pen and cutting board!  CJ loved it.