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Friday, October 13, 2017

Saying Goodbye...Ward Style

We had to say goodbye to the airplanes..and make fun silhouettes of ourselves as we say goodbye!

And we are off...on to our next adventure!

Moving Day

Up until the day the moving truck arrived, we didn't know how thing were going to work out with the shipment of our household goods.  We were told it could be there that weekend - 3 days after pickup or it could take up to 3 weeks before we would see our things up in Spokane...oh goodness.  But, Clay and Laura were able to keep calm and make plans accordingly.  We were really watched over and we got a truck when we needed it and they said it would go directly to our house in Spokane and meet us there Monday morning to unload! We have so many things to be grateful  for the long journey to Washington!

A bittersweet moment...the house is now empty and everything is loaded and on it's way to Washington.  Yipee, this half of the work is done, but sad that we are leaving this wonderful area, friends, and home.  This was our first house that we's hard to say goodbye.  

The Dracocardos family had us over for dinner on our last night in Clovis.  Meg made amazing enchiladas and rice...delicious!  Wow.  And Laura and Clay brought Edwards Key Lime Pie - I think we have found a new favorite!

Brave Little Detric

We have been trying to get this little man down the slide and off the diving board all summer long... slide never happened, but the last day we were at the pool before we move - he jumped!!! and loved it!  It was about 10 minutes before the pool closed and he finally jumped off and then He jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped until they blew the whistle. and that my friends is how we ended our pool days in Clovis...


Twist and Shout

With movers at the house and boxes up to the ceiling, we decided  to remove ourselves and the kiddos from the choas.  So...that means POOL time everyday!!! WOOHOO!!  The kids twisted and shouted, jumped and twirled, made crazy googles and just enjoyed being wet and cool at the pool.

Goodbye GoCarts

Nothing says goodbye like gocarts.  As we get ready to say our final goodbyes to Clovis, NM the kids had one last request...Go CARTS at Castleland! to Castle land we went for one last ride!  All the kids were excited and ready to go, except Erica..when we tried to strap her in...she screamed, but Laura just tightened the straps and hit the gas... by the end of the ride, she was smiling and loving life!  Hoo-rah.  Go cards check.. .the Ward family can now officially say goodbye to Clovis.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Armed and Dangerous

Tradition states that when you have your last flight in a plane... your family and friends get to hose you down with water & alcohol (sparkling cider for us).  Since Clay will be switching aircraft when we move, Laura and the kids armed themselves with water squirters and buckets of water, and headed to meet Clay after his flight for the traditional dousing of the pilot!  As you can see...we are armed and ready for our prey!