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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Last Trip to JOYland

We are checking off the bucket list items one at a time before we move this summer...and another trip to Joyland was definitely on the books.  We love this place, we usually go every year in August right after school starts, but since we are moving in July, we picked a day in May and off we went!  We were so glad we were able to spend the day with our good buddies - the Tyrell and Brindee Loveless Family.  Our families hang out and vacation so well together!  Even after we move - we are definitely going to have to meet somewhere and vacation!!!  The kids tried new rides, fought fears, and conquered them - even little Erica got on a few - poor thing didn't know what she was getting into, but she did awesome and fell in love with the carousel horses - Neighhhh! 


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Bath Babes

If only the water would stay warm forever...these two would stay in here all day long!! I love these cute faces.

Pool Party

Since so many friends (18 families - we are one of them; a few others are: Hickmans, Yates, Handy, Westenhofer, Loveless, Clark, Coddington, Bartlett, Harris, McCloy, Nolan, Frisby,) are moving out of the ward this summer, The Lindseys, graciously held a goodbye BBQ and swim party at their house.  We had a fabulous time celebrating the commencement of Summer and saying goodbye to dear friends (Detric and Peter were twins in their HULK suits)

Last Days

 Just a few more days of school and then it is summer break.  Laura and the tiny munchkins are enjoying the quiet house by playing with playdoh, going on walks, and crafting some teacher gifts!

Big Brother

It's every girls' wish to have an awesome big brother...

Divine Intervention

Clay has been bugging Laura to let him buy a bigger trailer...we can't fit all our motorcycles in the one we have...goodness.  Laura thinks it is a bit much to buy a bigger trailer and has been holding out pretty strong, but with an upcoming move and the possibility of being in 2 different locations and possibly not having all our belongings... Laura's coming around to the idea of a bigger trailer.  Clay has been looking at some trailers, but the problem was most of the better deals were located in Dallas.  Well, Laura said there's no way Clay was driving all the way to Dallas for a  Well, wouldn't you know it... days after that conversation...Clay came home from work, and announced that he has to go on a business trip to... yep -  Dallas... Oh you lucky Curr Dog...who would have thought.... now that his gas, hotel, and travel were being paid for...Laura didn't have a leg to stand on. Clay and Chad Warner went on their "business trip"/ "trailer buying extravaganza" Laura couldn't believe his luck...what are the odds?  Clay said it was Divine Intervention!  Laura said it was Pure Luck... What do you think?

It's nice when you go on business trips with other guys that don't drink...instead of going to the bars....Clay and Chad went to a baseball game!  Not too shabby!