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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sun Today...Snow Tomorrow

I'm sure glad we went for our Sunday stroll and enjoyed that beautiful weather, because it went from 80 and hot one day to cold and snowy the next!  Crazy Clovis weather...but we love it.  We shared the snow fun with Dani Nielsen who had fun jumping on the trampoline with Aparri and Detric in the snow.  

 Preston was all geared up and ready to "firefight" the snow...but he was camera Laura had to sneak around the house like a ninja - go through unsuspecting doors, and snap pictures from around corners, quickly take the suspect off guard...turkey.

Sunday Stroll

We have been having beautiful weather lately and decided to take advantage of the warm Spring sunshine by going for a walk around the neighborhood.  We hunted for turtles and said hello to our old friends horse and goat.  


3 Hour Face Paint

I'm not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed that we waited and waited and waited and waited and waited ..... yes, we waited in line for 3 hours so this little lady could get her face painted.  She was bound and determined to do it, regardless of the line - so Laura stood in the line for over an hour and then Erica and Detric were done so we did other activities while Aparri patiently continued to wait.  When Laura got back to the line - Laura was mad because some kids had cut in the line.... the line we had now been waiting in for over 90 minutes....not happy mama.  But, that didn't deter Aparri....she stayed and waited another hour + before it was finally her turn...whew.  And wouldn't you know it - we got home and the first thing Aparri says is "Can I take this off now?"  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Laura made her wear it for another hour just so Laura could feel a little better about the time they had just wasted getting it done - then allowed her to shower... all in a days work.  The things we do for our kids.

Carnival Fun

Since Clay and the older 2 boys are at a scout camporee, Laura did something that we haven't done in a long time - took the younger 3 kids to a carnival on base (usually the older boys don't want to go - they are too "old" for that now... so Laura decided to take advantage of their absence and do something fun for the younger kiddos!)  We had snow cones, cotton candy, games, clowns, movies, and of course face painting.... I can't even remember how many snow cones Aparri ate - lost count after 3, Detric wanted cotton candy so we waited in a line for that and then he refused to eat it, so Erica had fun chewing on the wrong end and getting ridiculously sticky!  Sun shine, bouncy houses, candy, snow cones, and face painting...what else could a kid want?

Boy Scout Camporee

Clay took CJ and Preston and off they went Texas to the Boy Scout Camporee in Canyon, TX (Palo Duro Area).  Clay's schedule in the 551 has been so nice -  it has allowed him to go on every single camp out - which has also allowed him to bring Preston along!  Preston was able to witness the fun of scouting and feel the  "coolness" of being a scout; HE willingly and proudly wore his new scout uniform!  Clay, CJ, and Preston were all "wow"ed by Texas' fancy scout facilities.  (Hey it is Texas...where everything is done BIG!)  CJ mastered the bow & Arrow, and killed the shot gun shooting - he was even featured on the big screen!!  

Camping = Good Boy Bonding time.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Vampidracocat Baby

We read a book years ago about this boy that had a baby sister.  This boy was convinced that his baby sister was a vampire because her teeth came in like fangs... We all laughed and thought...if only that really happened... 

That would be what?? Freaky?? Weird?  Crazy? your thoughts and your words... the Lord has a crazy sense of humor!!! Erica's first birthday came and went...and no teeth for this lady!!! Well, guess what?? She finally got some teeth at 14 months old....but they are not the typical ones that come in first...she has FANGS!!!  We couldn't believe it!  It really is a thing...and our baby is one of them...  She is still cuter than ever, and we love her to death, and she just earned herself a new nickname...Vampire Baby?? Dracula baby??  Cat Baby?  Vampadracocat Baby???  You decide!!!

( you know how hard it is to get a picture of a baby's teeth...wicked hard...just so you know!)


Laura found these cute little munchkins hiding in the dresser!    They were having a blast with each other and flashlights!!! Couldn't resist the cuteness!!!  Oh to be young again!